Busy, Busy Bee
I have finally updated my website! Between several custom orders, working on new projects and ideas, and my day job… I’ve been working like mad. I hope to see some great results as new pieces are coming out of the kiln! This experiment just came out recently, same three glazes but in different orders, and I love it! The pitcher is white stoneware with a Persian blue slip that has been dipped in a base of yellow, dipped in clear, and then sea foam. The vase on the right is also white stoneware with Persian blue slip but it is dipped first in clear, then sea foam, and then a dip of yellow at the top.
I loved it so much, I decided to try the same two combos on the red clay.
I love the way the glaze came out on both clay bodies, similar but oh so different! Again, these are the same three glazes, but in different orders. Here are the four together for a better comparison:
The top glaze combinations are on red clay, the bottom are the same glaze combinations on white clay. Which combination is your favorite? Comment your opinions!
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New pieces coming out soon; stay tuned!

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